Cushions Foam Change & Sofa Covers

When your old sofa and chairs start to become sagging and uncomfortable
don't throw away your favorite sofa or chairs, we can replace or replenish existing cushion fillings with high density foam or fiber.

Cushion re-stuffing and refilling

We can cut foam to any size, and shape. We can replace foam in any sofa cushion. T-shape, L-Shape, bevel, or round cushions. We also supply fibre-fill to give the cushion a softer and rounder look. We can repair you exiting cushion cover, or we can custom make new covers for your cushion.

We have the largest selection of natural and synthetic fillings. Cushion foam can be cut to any size or shape you require.

We can make made to measure loose cushions and covers for all types of furniture in any shape or size.

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